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Single Engine — Twin Props

Welcome to Geared Up Systems! Here you'll see what happens when the need for a more flexible and economical marine drive system meets more than 30 years of experience in industrial gear system design. The result is the Geared Up System, and an answer to a critical need of the marine boating industry - how to get twin prop performance from a single prop boat.

A drive system that provides:

  • The maneuvering advantages of a twin prop
  • The economies of a single engine
  • More design versatility than any system on the market

With over 30 years of production experience in corrosion resistant gear drive systems for the automotive, off-road, and industrial applications, Geared Up Systems now provides the ultimate drive system for the marine industry, the single engine twin prop drive.

Let us assist you in laying out the optimum system for your boats. The drive system offers many benefits including maneuverability, economy, installation ease and design versatility. Without changing your design, you could be offering your customers new options with these advantages:

Maneuverability: Independent port and starboard transmissions allow maneuverability previously found in twin engine boats only. Holding up on a fishing spot, parking or docking (even in a river or tidal current!), and positioning or repositioning a workboat can be accomplished as easily as with a twin prop, without the need for bow thrusters.

Economics: The drive system provides single engine economies, including the savings in fuel, servicing, and layup, plus the savings of the cost of the redundant engine, and the economics of pushing a boat that weighs less and needs to carry less fuel for the same mission capability.

Better Boat: The system allows the engine to be buried deep in the hull of the boat, lowering the center of gravity. A shallower draft provided by twin propellers, spread-out rather than under the keel. Whether your boat needs the engine forward or astern, or if you need an off-center line engine installation, a Geared Up System makes it possible.

Ease of Installation: In all installations, the engine, engine adapter and primary splitter gearbox mount as a single unit. The final drive gearboxes and/or marine transmission mount in alignment with the propeller shaft. The splitter gearbox and the final drive gearboxes are connected with the constant velocity shafts or universals allowing for engine torque within the mount and misalignment between the primary and final drives. Propeller thrust may be terminated into the final drive component or a thrust plate arrangement that terminates into the boat's stringer system.

Contact Richard Mastry to confirm the benefits and economics of the Geared Up System for your boat!

Richard Mastry
cell: 727-639-1012

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