Navy 6.0 Longshaft N6-0000-L0

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Most powerful within ePropulsion and ideal for bass boats, RIBs and workboats up to 6 tons.

The Navy 6.0 is the option when you need to boost your boat. It features an advanced cooling system usually equipped on only the wildest outboard beasts. It's ready for any water challenge!

Performance - Full Speed Ahead

The Navy 6.0 is the right choice for when you need a powerful electric outboard motor. The 6 kW motor can remain at the max output for hours. It will impress you with its great performance!

  • Efficiency - Up to 57% max overall efficiency
  • 9.9 HP - For motorboats and sailboats up to 6 tons
  • 27 KM/H - Max speed to drive a 12 ft boat with 150 kg load

Range - Freedom on the Water

The range is a big challenge for any electric drive system. We push the range limit from propeller design, smart battery management, great battery capacity in compact size, motor housing CFD, and more.

  • 1 Hour - Running time at full speed with two batteries
  • 40 KM - Range at economical speed with two batteries
  • 8 Packs - Max parallel connection allowed for Navy Battery

Battery - Long-lasting for every ride

The Navy battery is more than the outstanding capacity. It’s designed specifically for our Navy series, and it’s capable to discharge at the max current for hours. It looks good and performs even better.

  • Advanced BMS - Safety comes first: includes six protection features
  • 3042 Wh - A great capacity in a compact size
  • Aluminum Unibody Housing - Robust and well thermally conductive

Closed-loop Liquid Cooling

The Navy 6.0 is the first ever outboard electric motor in mass production that is equipped with a closed-loop liquid cooling system, which are usually found in those horsepower beasts.

  • Excellent Cooling - The motor stays at a safe temperature in any tough working conditions.
  • Ultra Reliable - A closed cooling system doesn’t require water intake, and so the entire cooling cycle stays within a closed circulation, meaning it’s more reliable

Clean - Harmless to Health and Environment

ePropulsion is committed to providing a green boating drive system, helping to alleviate the environmental problems we face today.

  • No Fuel Leak - Leakage is quite common with a gas outboard - not with the Navy 6.0
  • Exhaust-Free - You won’t breathe in any engine exhaust fumes
  • Less Carbon Emissions - Reduce your carbon emissions and protect the environment

For specs and options, please visit ePropulsion's website.

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