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When you want to get up and go, you should be able to. And with Suzuki’s portable outboards, you can. State-of-the-art designs make the new DF20A and DF15A among the most technologically advanced portable outboards around. The DF20A is an all-new model that fills the slot between the DF25 and the DF15 in Suzuki’s portable lineup with an environmentally conscious, fuel efficient outboard offering great portable fun. The DF20A and DF15A are the world’s first outboards in the 14.7 kW (20PS) and 11.0kW (15PS) classes equipped with a battery-less fuel injection system that offers quick, easy starts and cleaner, fuel efficient operation. Suzuki engineers took a bold approach in building all-new fuel injection system components that are smaller and lighter than those found in previous systems. This keeps the overall weight of the DF20A lower than any other outboard in the four-stroke 14.7kW (20PS) class. And adding Suzuki’s proven Lean Burn Control technology to their design, these outboards deliver remarkable fuel economy and reduced emissions throughout their operating range. 

New Generation Fuel Injection System 

These are the first outboards in their respective classes to offer fuel injection, and the DF20A/15A engineering team did an incredible job designing the outboard without adding unneeded bulk or weight. All new components, including the inline high-pressure fuel pump, fuel cooler, vapor separator, fuel injectors, and a new throttle body, were designed as compact and lightweight as possible. The entire system was designed to fit in as little space as possible. The system operates battery-less, which is another industry first in the 14.7kW (20PS) and 11.0kW (15PS) class. While fuel injection systems normally require battery power to deliver quicker starts, smoother running performance, and more acceleration in all conditions, Suzuki’s Battery-Less system does this all without the need of battery power. 

Light Weight & Compact 

To create as light and compact an outboard as possible, our DF20A/15A engineering team focused heavily on reducing the size and weight of each part and component, looking to create the smallest, lightest parts possible without compromising their integrity. Their success delivered an outboard that is the lightest in the 4-stroke 14.7kW(20PS) class - about 5% lighter than the closest competitor. 

Superior Fuel Economy – Suzuki’s Lean Burn Control System 

First introduced on our DF90/80/70, the Suzuki Lean Burn system is an intelligent system that monitors engine performance and operating conditions to predict fuel needs and deliver a leaner fuel mixture to the engine. The system delivers remarkable improvements in fuel economy over the engine’s entire operating range. This system is found on nine Suzuki models from the new DF15A up to the flagship DF300A, providing boaters with top-level fuel economy at all operating speeds. 

Easy to Use 

In addition to better fuel economy, the fuel injection system makes starting the outboard easier and more dependable in nearly all operating conditions or environment. While our carburetor models are some of the finest outboards available, fuel injection makes the DF20A/15A operate even smoother with reduced engine vibration. 

Easy Start Recoil Starter 

While fuel injection makes starts easier, the DF20A/15A engineering team designed a starter with a very light recoil load that requires less pull strength. Requiring much less effort to pull the starter makes starts exceptionally easy for almost everyone. 

Suzuki’s Anti Corrosion System 

Suzuki protects the outboard’s exterior from harmful corrosion with its own specially formulated anti-corrosion finish. Applying the finish directly to the outboard’s aluminum surface, allows maximum bonding of the finish to the surface to increase durability and help protect parts that are constantly exposed to saltwater. 

Cleaner, Efficient Operation 

Suzuki’s advanced four-stroke technology delivers cleaner and efficient outboard operation that conforms to the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) - Directive 2003/44/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, and have received “Three-Star Ultra Low Emission” ratings from the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

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