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Today’s outboards must be highly economical and deliver environmentally responsible operation. Using our unique vision and innovative technologies, Suzuki is constantly seeking new ways to provide our customers all over the world with outboards that meet these requirements and deliver satisfaction and excitement. 

With the new DF50 and DF40, the latest additions to Suzuki’s fleet of fuel-efficient new generation four-stroke outboards, Suzuki engineers have combined a high performance DOHC (dual overhead cam) engine with Suzuki’s Lean Burn Control System to create an outboard that delivers superior power and performance along with top-level fuel economy. 

Based on Suzuki’s proven in-line three-cylinder design with four valves per cylinder, this all-new engine utilizes a highly efficient air intake system that delivers maximum effectiveness in the high rpm range for high performance power. This is the only engine in the 36.8kW (50PS)/29.4kW (40PS) outboard class to offer DOHC performance, and also the only engine in its class to incorporate a maintenance-free, oil-bathed timing chain, which provides the outboard with increased durability and maintenance free operation. Additional features include electronic fuel injection, Suzuki’s easy start system, and a large capacity 19A alternator. 

With larger displacements for increased power and performance, Suzuki’s Lean Burn Control System for improved fuel economy, and designs that are more compact and lighter in weight than their predecessors, the new DF50 and DF40 are an excellent choice for today’s boaters. 

Mechanically Efficient DOHC 12-Valve Engine 

Suzuki engineers based the new DF50 and DF40 engine on Suzuki’s proven in-line three-cylinder 12-valve engine. This high performance engine has a displacement of 941cm3 and features a DOHC powerhead—the only DOHC engine used in the 36.8kW (50PS)/29.4kW (40PS) outboard class—with four valves per cylinder, and an air intake system optimized for maximum efficiency in the high rpm range. When designing this engine, Suzuki engineers also focused on improving mechanical efficiency. Each component was analyzed and redesigned to reduce mechanical loss in order to improve efficiency. As an example, a new oil pump design makes internal oil flow more efficient, keeping moving parts better lubricated while using less energy. The combined reduction in mechanical loss throughout the engine contributes to better fuel economy. 

Suzuki’s Lean Burn Control System 

Suzuki’s Lean Burn Control System is an intelligent system that monitors engine performance and operating conditions to predict fuel needs and deliver a leaner fuel mixture to the engine. First introduced on the DF90/80/70, and later on the DF60, this system provides remarkable improvements in fuel economy from low speed operation up into the cruising range, which is where the engine is used a majority of the time. In-house testing shows that at medium speeds, the new DF50 achieves a 23% improvement in fuel consumption than its predecessor. 

Suzuki Easy Start System 

Starts are quick and easy with Suzuki’s Easy Start System. No need to hold the key, just turn it once and the starter system stays engaged until the engine starts. The system delivers smoother and improved starts to get you up and running quicker. 

Large capacity 19A Alternator 

The DF50 and DF40 are equipped with a powerful 19A alternator that generates approximately 11.5A even with the engine running at a low 1,000 rpm. Under normal circumstances that’s enough power to keep an assortment of marine electronics operating in most situations. 

Multi-Point Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection 

Suzuki pioneered the use of multi-point sequential electronic fuel injection in four-stroke outboards. This advanced, time-tested system gathers operating data from a series of sensors located in key areas on the engine, processes the data and calculates the optimum amount of fuel and air needed for the engine—all in real time. Boaters benefit with smooth starts, maximum operating efficiency, excellent fuel economy, and reduced emissions. 

Suzuki’s Anti Corrosion System 

Suzuki protects the outboard’s exterior from harmful corrosion with its own specially formulated anti-corrosion finish. Applying the finish directly to the outboard’s aluminum surface, allows maximum bonding of the finish to the surface to increase durability and help protect parts that are constantly exposed to saltwater.

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