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Guardex "FL"
A two-piece flywheel coupling used on off-highway construction equipment such as: skid steer loaders, aerial lifts, excavators, harvesters. The design consists of a nylon flywheel flange (both SAE and metric flywheels) and steel hub with internal spline or straight bore with keyway. Accommodates virtually any hydraulic pump! No lubrication required. Steel pump mounting plates; aluminum or gray iron bell housings are also available for just about any engine.

Guardex "FBA"
This one-piece flywheel coupling (FBA stands for Flywheel Blind Assembly) is used on the same low-inertia equipment as the "FL" design, except there is no positioning of hubs to worry about. Simply plug the hydraulic pump into the pump plate or bell casting and it will index into the flywheel coupling hub. Lubrication is required with this design, and is for splined.

Guardex “FH”
This design is intended for high-inertia loads such as compressors, pumps, and generator sets. Fits all SAE flywheels from SAE 7-1/2 thru SAE 18. Variable durometer rubber inserts can vibration damping characteristics!

Guardex "FLD"
This coupling enables the drive of hydraulic pumps from the pulley side of the engine. A retractable sleeve is provided for easy "V" belt replacement without pump disassembly.