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Product Overview:

Cetane booster for all types of diesel fuel.

Product Details:

Diesel fuel combustion depends on the auto-ignition quality of the fuel. SUPER-TANE improves diesel fuel cetane rating from 4 to 8 points, thus improving fuel quality, combustion and engine efficiency.


  • Decreases starting time 
  • Reduces smoke and engine emissions 
  • Increases engine efficiency 
  • Increase acceleration performance 
  • Slows fuel aging

Treat Ratio: 1 oz. to 8 gallons; 1 quart to 250 gallons.


Product Overview:

BIO DEE-ZOL PLUS lowers the cold filter plug point and pour point of B2-B20 Biodiesel blends, for improved handling in colder weather, while addressing the major problems of water contamination and fuel instability/decomposition. One quart of BIO DEE-ZOL PLUS will treat up to 125 gallons of ASTM-certified B2-B20.

Product Details:

In addition to the common problems of water accumulation and fuel instability, Biodiesel fuels encounter cold flow and handling problems in temperatures as high as +50 degrees F. BIO DEE-ZOL PLUS combats all of these issues in one multi-function product.


The multi-function formula of BIO DEE-ZOL PLUS provides the following benefits for Biodiesel fuels:

  • Lowers cold filter plug point of ASTM-certified B2-B20 Biodiesel blends by up to 15º F 
  • Lowers pour point of ASTM-certified B2-B20 Biodiesel blends by up to 30 degrees F 
  • Eliminates water and moisture 
  • Prevents corrosion from metal catalysts in the Biofuel 
  • Prevents biofuel degradation and improves Biofuel stability 
  • Protects against fuel becoming rancid 

For best results, use BIO DEE-ZOL PLUS at temperatures 60 degrees F or above and add to fuel when fuel temperature is above 50 degrees F.
Recommended for use in Biodiesel produced from palm oil.
Treat Ratio: One quart treats up to 125 gallons of fuel. Adjust treat ratio up or down dependent on your exact blend (especially if the fuel is not certified to meet ASTM specifications for Biodiesel.) Extreme cold weather conditions may require a doubled treat ratio.


Product Overview:

Multi-purpose diesel fuel supplement that solves fuel related problems. Improves combustion, reduces emissions, lowers engine cetane requirement, controls water accumulation and cleans deposits.

Product Details:

Bell's DEE-ZOL is especially formulated to solve all diesel related problems in low and high sulfur diesel fuels. It was the world's first diesel additive and has been manufactured continuously since 1954. DEE-ZOL has been reformulated and continually improved over the years and today it is still the most effective diesel supplement money can buy.


  • Increases Mileage 
  • Keeps Injectors, Rings, and Valves Clean 
  • Eliminates Algae and Sludge 
  • Increases Available Horsepower 
  • Reduces Downtime 
  • Reduces Harmful Emissions 
  • Reduces Downshifting 
  • Stabilizes Fuel 

Bell's DEE-ZOL is a balanced formulation for all grades and brands of diesel fuel. It consists of a dispersant, moisture eliminator, detergent, combustion improving modifier, lubricant and fuel preservative.
Treat Ratio: 1 oz. to 10 gallons; 1 quart to 320


Product Overview:

Resurfaces metal by filling scratches, scores, voids, and Imperfections, to dramatically reduce friction and wear. Conditions both the metal and the oil.

Product Details:

To improve performance and extend the life of your engine, use Bell's X-TRA LUBE line of lubricant products:

X-TRA LUBE CONCENTRATE - A concentrated additive which resurfaces metal surfaces in the engine by filling scratches and wear, greatly reducing friction. Also contains a premium platter of additive ingredients to improve oil detergency, clean metal surfaces and protect surfaces during start-up. Mix with your choice of oil and substitute for your final quart of oil during your oil change.

X-TRA LUBE PREMIX - Features the CONCENTRATE product pre-mixed in a high quality oil compatible with all weights and grades of motor oil. Just add directly to your engine as a substitute for your final quart of oil.


  • Protects against dry starts 
  • Increases engine performance 
  • Increases mileage 
  • Quiets the engine 
  • Reduces harmful emissions 
  • Reduces friction 
  • Reduces engine wear 
  • Seals the rings


Product Overview:

MIX-I-GO solves all fuel related problems in gasoline engines. It was the world's first multi-functional fuel additive and has been marketed continuously since 1909. MIX-I-GO has been reformulated and continually improved over the years so that even today it is still the most effective gasoline supplement money can buy.

Product Details: 


  • Increases Mileage 
  • Lubricates Upper Cylinder Area 
  • Removes Carbon Deposits 
  • Dissolves Gums and Varnishes 
  • Extends Sparkplug Life 
  • Removes Water 
  • Improves Horsepower 
  • Reduces Harmful Emissions 
  • Prolongs Engine Life 

MIX-I-GO is a balanced compound of ashless organic materials in a pure hydrocarbon solvent. It is completely soluble in gasoline and can be used in ALL gasoline engines, large or small. Bell's MIX-I-GO is the perfect supplement for both leaded and unleaded gasoline. In most cases, MIX-I-GO eliminates the need for high octane premium gasoline.


Increase Cetane - Increase Efficiency
8+ Cetane Improver is a high effective formula specifically formulated to provide significant performance benefits in all diesel fuels, including ultra low sulfur diesel and bio-diesel fuel blends.

Diesel engines function on the principle of Auto Ignition. The range of temperatures varies from 410ºF to over 1040ºF, this wide range is due to lower cetane numbers. 8 Plus Cetane Improver will raise the cetane level of your fuel providing faster starting, reduced engine noise, reduced smoke and particulates, and increased power and acceleration.


Multi Purpose Year 'Round Fuel Treatment
Agri Fuel Treatment is a high effective formula specifically formulated to provide significant performance benefits in all diesel fuels, including ultra low sulfur diesel and bio-diesel fuel blends.

Todays Ag Equipment needs a customized formula that reflects the latest technology in fuel additive Chemistry. Agri Fuel Treatment is a concentrate that provides several benefits in both gasoline and diesel fuel. 
Used regularly, Agri Fuel Treatment can offer the following benefits: 

  • Get rid of condensation accumulation. 
  • Stabilize fuel year 'round. 
  • Control bacteria growth. 
  • Clean injectors to L-10 specifications. 
  • Lubricate entire fuel system. 
  • Prevent corrosion in tanks. 
  • Prevent acids from forming. 
  • Meet N-14 specifications. 
  • Provide faster warm-ups.
  • Reduce emissions. 
  • Act as a combustion catalyst. 
  • Provide more power 
  • Reduce downtime. 
  • Reduce maintenance costs. 
  • Improve the longevity of equipment. 
  • Control icing and gelling. 
  • Protect even if you use low sulfur fuel. 

Agri Fuel Treatment may be used in any internal combustion engine, and will not harm electronic fuel injection systems.  Agri Fuel Treatment contains no harmful alcohols and is made in the U.S.A.


Killem is a water soluble product, EPA registered as a biocide for the control of bacteria and fungi growth in oils and refined fuels. Approved for use in California. 
Killem will control microorganisms in fuel oil storage tanks, fuel oil and other refined or partially refined oils.

Killem is an EPA FIFRA registered antimicrobial that mixes soley in the water phase of the fuel storage tank; therefore, is not a fuel additive. EPA verification letter can be provided on request.

Used regularly, Killem will reduce the following: 

  • tank corrosion. 
  • slime mats. 
  • odors. 
  • fuel oil filter deposits and plugging. 
  • vehicle fuel tank deposits and corrosion. 
  • fuel-water separator deposits. 
  • injector plugging. 
  • excess carbon deposit and exhaust gas smoke.

Product Uses: Killem is a highly effective fungicide and bactericide for use in fuel oil (no. 2 oil, intermediate fuel oil and No. 6 oil), lubricating oil and hydraulic fluids in marine environments.

Biodiesel Fuel Power

Year 'Round Treatment!
Biodiesel Fuel Power is a high effective formula specifically formulated to provide significant performance benefits in all diesel fuels, including ultra low sulfur diesel and bio-diesel fuel blends.

Biodiesel and biofuels contain varying amounts of (typically) soy oil to improve emissions and to create a renewable energy resource. However, biodiesel has been shown to absorb water from the atmosphere, act as a nutrient for bacteria and fungi growth, cause fuel to age much faster and at times form sludge and deposits in the fuel system. Biodiesel Fuel Power is the same Fuel Power that users have come to know but has been formulated to absorb water in biodiesel. This allows the fuel to be combusted, slows down the aging of biodiesel and helps to prevent the formation of sludge and deposits. By controlling water in biodiesel, Biodiesel Fuel Power will reduce the potential for bacteria and fungi growth.

It is reccomended that biodiesel fuel and storage tanks be treated with FPPF Killem biocide twice yearly to sterilize entire fuel systems. 
A unique formulation of organic compounds specifically for use in B100, B50, B20, B2 or any combination of biodiesel and diesel fuels.

  • Totally disperses water.
  • Cleans the entire injector system 
  • Improves fuel economy 
  • Stabilizes fuel 
  • Dissolves gum and varnishes 
  • Combustion catalyst 
  • Helps reduce cylinder wall abrasion 
  • Prevents sludge formation