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The Yanmar 4JH80 SPP (Steerable Propulsion Pod) takes maneuvering under power to the next new level. It unites YANMAR’s advanced 4JH80 marine diesel engine with ZF Marine’s all-new steerable saildrive under full electronic joystick control. This combination makes negotiating busy waterways and docking in tight marina berths in a sailboat easier than ever before.

The power behind the propulsion package is the 4JH series diesel which, uniquely for such a compact power plant, uses electronically-controlled common-rail direct fuel injection for responsive, super-clean, smooth, and fuel efficient performance.

Propulsion is delivered through the unique 360° rotation of the submerged leg. These combined propulsion and control systems are managed by unique algorithms that also involve operation of the bow thruster. Meanwhile the skipper always has fine fingertip control of the whole operation via the joystick.

The YANMAR 4JH80 SPP system delivers superior maneuvering performance that was previously restricted as an option to powerboats only. However, through YANMAR, it is now available for all sailing yachts designed for saildrive propulsion.

easy to start and operate

The joystick is comfortable, easy, and intuitive to use. Simply move the joystick to ahead, astern, port, starboard, or any points in between and your yacht will move in that direction. Quickly or slowly, the speed of your yacht will be precisely proportional to the force you apply. You’ll quickly gain confidence when maneuvering in the most congested of yacht harbours. You could even turn the boat on its own axis if you felt so inclined. It’s that easy.

For low-speed maneuvering this gives smooth control. Docking, mooring, anchoring, and navigation through traffic are easier and more precise.

Ready to Go
Start maneuvering at the touch of a button. System status can be seen at a glance at all times from the LED lighting on the joystick.