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Seakeeper Ride controllers are mounted to your boat’s transom, below the waterline. Using custom, proprietary inertial sensing hardware and software, the system understands how the boat is behaving in all three axes and commands deployment of the rotary blades to counteract pitch, roll, and yaw. As the blades are deployed, they create lift at the transom, managing the vessel’s motion instantaneously.


Wave motions can happen consistently or inconsistently, they can be big or small, and can come from any direction. Often, these motions occur in just milliseconds. Thanks to expert control software and hardware, Seakeeper Ride’s proprietary, rapid-deployment rotary blades make 100 adjustments every second to combat wave motions. Nothing compares to the first-of-its-kind Vessel Attitude Control System, Seakeeper Ride, which can eliminate up to 70% pitch and roll underway.


Rapid Actuation - Rotary blades deploy at a rate of up to 300 mm per second, making 100 adjustments every second; enabled by power-dense rotary design that requires just 7-10 Amps for operation.

Full Underway Control - Controls all motions (pitch, roll, yaw) thanks to deployment speed and proprietary control software and hardware.

Intuitive - Predicts motion and responds instantaneously to eliminate them before they’re felt with no buttons to push nor adjustments to make, providing a boating experience you never imagined.

Reliable - Drivetrain is completely sealed in a dry and greased environment with no mechanical exposure to saltwater.

Simple Installation - Easily installed on most transoms, both in new and aftermarket boats.