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SB (Short-Block) Engine:

  • Available through REMAN
  • Includes complete rotating assy (crank, rods, pistons, etc)


HBC (Head-Block-Crank) Engine (Y+BLUE):

Available through REMAN
Includes SB and Head Assy (valvetrain, no rockers)


** Oil Sump is not technically included in HBC but can be added at customer’s request

SB (Short-Block) Engine (YELLOW)

HBC (Head-Block-Crank) Engine (Y+BLUE)

LB (Long-Block) Engine (Y+B+PINK):

Available through REMAN

Includes HBC, Bonnet, Oil Sump, and Gear Case

SB (Short-Block) Engine (YELLOW)

HBC (Head-Block-Crank) Engine (Y+BLUE)

LB (Long-Block) Engine (Y+B+PINK)

3/4 (75% Complete) Engine (Y+B+P+PURPLE++):

Available through REMAN
Complete engine minus:
Flywheel housing
Exhaust manifold (non-turbo)
Starter / Alt


Ancillary Parts (brackets, gaskets, misc bolt on parts)

SB (Short-Block) Engine (YELLOW)

HBC (Head-Block-Crank) Engine (Y+BLUE)

LB (Long-Block) Engine (Y+B+PINK)

3/4 (75% Complete) Engine (Y+B+P+PURPLE++)

New Replacement Engines and Reman Engines are complete fan to flywheel engines. They offer a full 2 year 2 thousand hour warranty.

Yanmar has thousands of different spec engines for their customers. Send us your engine and Mastry Engine will swap over the special parts and test run your engine for you.

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