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Core Policy

  • A refundable core deposit will be added to the invoice for all 3 and 4 cylinder remanufactured, replacement, repurposed engines and short blocks. Refunds will be subject to Yanmar’s inspection and approval.
  • The core engine (henceforth, in this document, the term “core engine” will also apply to short block core) returned must be the same/similar to the engine model purchased (like for like). The core must be assembled with all of the same components (fuel system, starter, turbo etc.) as supplied on the engine purchased.
  • The core engine must be in fully assembled condition with no visible or repaired cracks or holes in the block, head, or any other major component.
  • The crank must rotate 360° clockwise and counter clockwise with the original bearings installed or deductions may apply.
  • The core engine must be drained of fluid and all openings covered. Any penalties incurred from the shipping company resulting from damages and/or fines due to the core engine not being properly drained will be the responsibility of the shipper (dealer/distributor).
  • The core engine must be free from environmental wear such as corrosion, rust, fire and/or abuse.
  • Core engines must be returned to Yanmar America Corporation in the approved crate supplied with the engine or short block purchased within 60 days of the Mastry invoice date for credit.

Mastry Engine Center will upon shipment of engine or short block provide a prefilled Yanmar Core Engine Worksheet that will include:

  • Distributor/Dealer Name
  • Distributor/Dealer Account Number
  • Machine Make and Model Number
  • Core Engine Model and Serial Number
  • New Engine Model and Serial Number
  1. Provide a filled in Yanmar Core Identification Tag
  2. Provide a Yanmar RGA number by phone, email or fax within 48 hours of request.
  3. After receipt of Yanmar RGA, Mastry will call QW Express to schedule a pickup of an engine core. Yanmar will pre-pay freight up to $250 for shipments within the Continental U.S. and Canada. It will be your responsibility to fill in the Yanmar RGA number to the Yanmar Core Engine Worksheet when provided.
  4. All returned core engines must have the completed Core Engine Return Tag attached.
  5. Failure to adhere to any of these policies may result in the forfeiture of part or all of the core deposit.
  6. Yanmar will provide an acknowledgement with a verified core engine value will be supplied within 21 business days of engine core receipt at Yanmar America Corporation.

It is recommended that dealers keep copies of all documents for their records.

This policy is subject to change without prior notice.