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EPA Information

EPA defines an “Engine” as an assembled Block and Crank.

Everything from a Short-Block Assembly to a Complete Engine has the same EPA Engine rules.

A bare Block and a bare Crank are unrestricted parts, but anyone that assembles a new Block and new Crank is an Engine Manufacturer with the applicable EPA responsibilities.

New Certified Engines:

Typically available through Industrial Engines

  • Certified compliant with the emissions rules in place when they are/were imported (now Tier 4)
  • “New Old Stock” that was Certified when imported prior to 2013 is still Certified for new replacement use up to the year they were certified to.
  • Yanmar’s Repurpose program originally used New Old Stock Certified engines. All of the popular specs have been consumed. Mastry Engine Center still has a few less popular engines specs available.  


New Replacement-Only (NRO) Engines:

  • Complete NRO engines have the same availability as above. Typically available through Industrial Engines  
  • NRO Short-Block Engines are available through REMAN (purchased through Parts, administrated REMAN)
  • NRO Engines built up from NRO SB Engines (to HBC, LB, 3/4, or Complete) are available through REMAN
  • Repurpose NRO Engines of any completeness level are available through REMAN
  • All NRO Engines (SB to Complete from any department) are under same EPA NRO rules & must be tracked.
  • Tracking requirement includes Engine Models and Serial Numbers of all engines (import, REMAN/Repurpose, & recovered core)
  • Understandably REMAN engines cannot be exported or the program would slowly shrink.
  • Repurpose NRO engines can be exported but will be subject to a core charge.
  • NRO engines can be exported and/or relabeled with appropriate documentation.